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A lot of medical analysis is completed within the laboratory or in lab animals, not in individuals — no less than, not at first. Lab studies help scientists work out whether or not a drug appears promising, the way it works, and whether or not there could be unwanted side effects. But what happens in a laboratory does not necessarily work the same in people.

Also, the news media (and even researchers themselves!) usually tend to report the findings of a research if that research exhibits outcomes which are totally different from what is regarded as true. For instance, the media are much more likely to do a story a couple of research that exhibits that consuming a particular sort of meals may help forestall cancer. But other studies might present that consuming that food does not actually make much distinction. When watching or studying a information report a couple of new drug or treatment, see if it tells you whether or not the findings involved animals or individuals. It won’t — so you’ll have to do some sleuthing on your own to get the data.